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Project of virtual cave represents special device for visualization of natural and technical objects in form of immersive and interactive virtual reality. Device serves for the purposes of research, education and public relations. Project goal is to expand research and development for possibilities of investigation the objects in virtual reality enviroment. It is possible to examine natural objects, for example forest and country or technical objects, for example wood-processing, engineering and building products, whether whole manufacturing technologies and halls. It helps to improve and rejuvinate development and design as well as forming new methods and technologies for collecting and processing of data, whether to optimalisation of managing objects. Device also provides unique options for simulations of processes in forest and landscape.

Project was established as a part of building the infrastructure from sources of Operational Programme Research and Development OPVaV-2009/5.1/03-SORO within European Regional Development Fund of European Union.

Video of 3D CAVE

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